How to put money ina account

how to put money ina account

While you can't just withdraw money from another person's bank account, you can deposit money if the situation calls for it. As long as you have the other. Transfer money directly to a bank account with low fees using MoneyGram's online or in person services. Send the money directly where you need it today. If you're trying to deposit cash to an online bank account, the process is more This is simply a slip of paper that tells the teller where to put the money.

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Please enter a valid email address. You will also need to bring the money you want to send. This includes name, address and account number. Updated July 03, Some banks provide customers with an online service that you can use to send money to anyone who has a deposit account. Complete a paying-in form and give it to the cashier along with the cheque or cash. how to put money ina account Deposit to a prepaid card: To deposit cash or a check in someone else's account in person, visit a branch of the recipient's bank and complete a deposit slip. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. How to pay bills Healthcare payments Child support payments Money orders Load prepaid cards Mobile phone top-up. Article Info Featured Article Categories:


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